Saturday, September 5, 2009

On Creatures Assumed To Be Mythical

The other night, I was sitting in one of the campus dining halls with a few friends, just shootin' the breeze after class. We were discussing classes, our previous lives, Megan Fox's stupidity, you know...the usual.

Suddenly, the door near our table swung open and in walked the most magnificent creature I've ever seen. Possibly the most magnificent creature I might ever see in the rest of my lifetime. I would say that he's half man, half god but really I think it's more of a 25-75 man-god split. 40-60 at the least.

He had the most beautiful blond hair cascading over his perfectly tanned skin, muscles bulging out of his colorful Ocean Pacific-esque tank top, and a saunter that could only belong to a surfer. A man-god surfer at home amongst the waves of the universe.

In short, he is the embodiment of Southern California. I call him Mr. California, and it is my new life goal to capture him on film and bring him to you all. He was last spotted sauntering down a sidewalk near the south entrance to campus. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. HAHAHA That's AWESOME! You must put your stalker cam to good use...I will be sorely disappointed if I don't get to see this Herculean specimen of Southern Californian Maleness

  2. I was not in California. Stop lying.